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Les glucides liquides aident à mieux jouer au foot

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Les glucides liquides aident à mieux jouer au foot

Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 13 Juin 2012 10:02

Influence of carbohydrate supplementation on skill performance during a soccer match simulation
Mark Russell
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport Volume 15, Issue 4, July 2012, Pages 348–354

This study investigated the influence of carbohydrate supplementation on skill performance throughout exercise that replicates soccer match-play.


Experimentation was conducted in a randomised, double-blind and cross-over study design.


After familiarization, 15 professional academy soccer players completed a soccer match simulation incorporating passing, dribbling and shooting on two separate occasions. Participants received a 6% carbohydrate–electrolyte solution (CHO) or electrolyte solution (PL). Precision, success rate, ball speed and an overall index (speed-precision-success; SPS) were determined for all skills. Blood samples were taken at rest, immediately before exercise, every 15 min during exercise (first half: 15, 30 and 45 min; second half: 60, 75 and 90 min), and 10 min into the half time (half-time).


Carbohydrate supplementation influenced shooting (time × treatment interaction: p < 0.05), where CHO attenuated the decline in shot speed and SPS index. Supplementation did not affect passing or dribbling. Blood glucose responses to exercise were influenced by supplementation (time × treatment interaction: p < 0.05), where concentrations were higher at 45 min and during half-time in CHO compared with PL. Blood glucose concentrations reduced by 30 ± 1% between half-time and 60 min in CHO.


Carbohydrate supplementation attenuated decrements in shooting performance during simulated soccer match-play; however, further research is warranted to optimise carbohydrate supplementation regimes for high-intensity intermittent sports.
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