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Synergie glucides + caféine pour l'endurance

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Synergie glucides + caféine pour l'endurance

Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 11 Juil 2013 02:40

The Influence Of Carbohydrate, Protein, And Caffeine On Power Output And Response Time
David A. Conno Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Volume 45, May 2013, Supplement 1 5S, p 245

Caffeine has been reported to confer numerous benefits such as improved endurance and high intensity performances, reaction time and fat metabolism, and reduced RPE. The ingestion of CHO generally leads to improved endurance and high intensity performances while markers of central fatigue are mitigated with the feeding. There has been interest if combining CHO and caffeine would have a synergistic effect on response time and performance as the CHO would aid in physical performance while the caffeine would potentially improve markers of central

Purpose. To compare auditory response time (RT), power output (PO), and metabolic responses between a commercially available CHO + PRO + caffeine sports gel (GEL) and a caffeine supplement (CAF) during endurance cycling. Methods. 14 cyclists completed two cycling trials by ingesting GEL (22.5g CHO/hr, 3.75g PRO/hr, 188 mg caffeine/hr) or CAF (256 mg caffeine/hr) along with 200 mL/hr of water during the 2 hr exercise. Auditory RT was assessed by averaging stop switch times from10 beeps. Exercise was divided into 8x15 min intervals of 13 min at 70% VO2max and 2 min at 90% VO2max. Blood glucose (BG), RT, HR, RPE, and RER were also collected during the test. After the 2 hr ride, riders completed a 6 min cycling test
where they attempted maintain as great of PO as possible at a resistance of 5% BW. Significance was set at p < 0.05. All data are listed as mean (+SD).

Results. The GEL resulted in statistically greater mean PO (309.1 +/- 60 W vs. 290.2 +/- 57 W); RT (0.219 +/- .049 sec vs. 0.232 +/- .060 sec); BG (5.5 +/- 0.8 mM/L vs. 4.9 +/- 0.7 mM/L), and lower HR (138.5 +/- 16.0 bpm vs. 143.1 +/- 15.6 bpm) and RPE (13.0 +/- 1.7 vs. 13.5 +/- 1.2) than the CAF treatment. Conclusions. Co-ingestion of CHO, PRO and caffeine significantly improved RT and PO (by 5.7% and by 6.5%, respectively) compared to CAF even though the caffeine dose was 27% lower with GEL than CAF. The present study mimicked real life conditions by having subjects fed prior
to exercise, providing doses that represented what may occur in a ‘real world’ setting, and by measuring performance by a muscular PO test and a measure that may be indicative of central fatigue.

These results demonstrate the synergistic effects of CHO, PRO, and caffeine and the performance benefits to athletes.
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