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Le gouvernement américain s'active contre les suppléments

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Le gouvernement américain s'active contre les suppléments

Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 1 Oct 2009 14:20

iForce Nutrition Served Search Warrant During 2009 Olympia Expo
by Millard Baker

The FDA served iForce Nutrition and owner Dave Nelson with a search warrant during the course of the 2009 IFBB Olympia Expo. The search warrant was executed in the days following the FDA raid of Four iForce Nutrition products were listed as “undercover purchases” made at Both the iForce Nutrition search warrant and the search warrant alleged that these products contain anabolic steroids, unapproved new drugs, and/or misbranded drugs: 1,4 AD Bold 200 (androstenedione), 17a PheraFLEX (Madol), Dymethazine (Superdrol) and Methadrol (Superdrol).

The FDA media strategy forced several dietary supplement companies and their owners into the spotlight and made them readily accessible to both federal agents and media representatives at the 2009 Olympia Expo.

DEA and FDA agents were seen circulating the Olympia Expo purportedly serving search warrants on at least two dietary supplement companies according to sources who spoke to the agent(s). Raided in Criminal Steroid Investigation on Eve of IFBB Olympia Weekend
by Millard Baker

The federal government continued their steroid witch-hunt targeting the dietary supplement industry with a raid of on Thursday, September 24, 2009. The criminal investigation accuses and its corporate officers of illegal marketing and distributing several anabolic steroids, unapproved new and misbranded drugs labeled fraudulently as dietary supplements, specifically “Madol”, “Tren”, “Superdrol”, “Androstenedione”, and “Turinabol”.

Federal Agents Raid Vitamin Company IDS

OVIEDO, Fla. — Federal agents raided a vitamin supplement company Wednesday. Agents raided I.D.S. Sports office on Alafaya Trail in Oviedo, but it is not clear why.

U-haul trucks were used by law enforcement officers to load up with items from the office. Officers say the items are evidence in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation (ICE).

Officials told Eyewitness News that they served warrants in the Orlando area regarding an on-going state and federal investigation. An eyewitness said Wednesday’s raid was on a major scale.

“They raided the place. They had dogs. They’ve been taking all kinds of stuff out of there, they even had vehicles confiscated. They took all kinds of stuff,” the eyewitness said.

Along with DEA and ICE agents, investigators for the U.S. Postal Service were at the scene of the raid.

I.D.S. Sports delivers bodybuilding and fitness supplements through the internet.
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