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Les régimes riches en protéines sont 2 fois plus efficaces

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Les régimes riches en protéines sont 2 fois plus efficaces

Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 22 Jan 2013 21:32

Higher-protein diet for weight management in young overweight women: a 12 month randomised controlled trial
Hayley J Griffin Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 2013 Accepted Article

Clinical research on weight management in young women is limited. This randomised controlled trial compared the efficacy of two iso-energetically restricted (5600kJ) diets (HP: 32% protein, 41% carbohydrate, 25% fat or HC: 20, 58, 21% respectively) in 71 (HP:n=36; HC:n=35) young healthy women (18-25y; BMI≥27.5kg/m2) for weight (kg; percent weight loss), body composition, metabolic and iron changes assessed at baseline, six and 12 months. Data: mean (95%CI). In HP completers at six months, percent weight loss was higher (HP:9.3(5.6-13.1); HC:5.1(2.3-7.9)%; p=0.06) although this did not reach statistical significance. Absolute weight (HP:8.9(5.3-12.5); HC:4.6(2.2-7.0)kg; p=0.034) and

fat loss (HP:8.0(4.4-11.5); HC:3.4(1.3-5.6) kg; p=0.022) were significantly greater.

No significant between-diet differences were observed at 12 months. Biochemistry remained within normal ranges with HP showing superior preservation of ferritin at six months (HP:53(40–66); HC:46(30–61)µg/L; p=0.029). Both diets supported clinically meaningful weight loss with HP tending to be more effective in the medium-term.
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