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Zack Khan à 5 semaines

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Zack Khan à 5 semaines

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Messagepar chapochapi » 15 Sep 2009 04:50

Des bras fantastiques. Pas loin d'être la parfaite combinaison pic/longueur du biceps. Mais je le vois mal percer chez les pros.
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Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 15 Sep 2009 13:12

il vient de remporter les championnats gallois à 127 kg ce qui le qualifie pour les championnats d'Angleterre et lui donne une chance de passer pro ... ?f=3&t=241
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Messagepar Mitch » 16 Sep 2009 09:58

Gyno en haut sinon volume impressionnat. Bas du corps pas au niveau du haut. Pourtant il a de bons mollets. Mais les cuisses manquent un peu de volume.
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il manque un peu de déf sur les cuisses mais c'est peut-être la photo
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Messagepar maximass » 16 Sep 2009 12:19

sacré gabarit en tout cas
il prépare quel compét lui par contre?
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Nutrimuscle-Conseil a écrit: ce qui le qualifie pour les championnats d'Angleterre
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Messagepar maximass » 16 Sep 2009 12:36

Nutrimuscle-Conseil a écrit:
Nutrimuscle-Conseil a écrit: ce qui le qualifie pour les championnats d'Angleterre

merci j'avais mal lu!
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Messagepar Nutrimuscle-Conseils » 21 Sep 2009 14:26

The Biggest British Bodybuilder Ever?

By Giles Thomas
Jaws dropped last weekend at the UKBFF British Championships. When the final class of the day’s intense and exciting judging filed onto the stage and starting hitting poses in perhaps the most ultra competitive heavyweight line-up there has ever been in the UKBFF British Championships, nearly 2000 pairs of eyes were drawn to one man more than any other… Zack Khan!
It’s difficult to fully explain just how mind blowing Sheffield’s Zack Khan is until you see him in the flesh. Hercules gym owner Scott Horton said it to me just this morning, putting it perfectly, “Giles, with Zack, seeing is believing”, and how true that is. At 280lb on stage and with 24-inch arms that, along with every single other body part, are totally developed beyond the max, it’s difficult to even comprehend how someone, let alone an amateur, could cram so much muscle onto just one frame! He’s a living, breathing, true-to-life Michelin man and I for one have been a huge fan of Zack’s since I saw him competing naturally as a junior at the EFBB Mansfield back in 1998. Even then, however, he was already a monster and just one of the biggest juniors I had ever seen along with the UK’s Stuart Core and Stuart Cameron.
On Sunday October 19, 2008 at Nottingham Royal Centre at approximately 9:30pm, Zack Khan, easily the crowd favourite was announced in fourth place. The place erupted, fans walking out in disgust, but there were also others that actually agreed with the decision. Some felt that his condition was not good enough to win and, in my mind and many others’, this is what has kept from his first place trophy and IFBB pro card for the past eight years of taking seconds and thirds at the British finals.
Potential personified, I heard a UKBFF judge say to me recently that Zack was Britain’s best hope of taking another Olympia title since Dorian Yates did it from 1992-1997. Praise indeed, yes, but also a hell of a lot to live up to.
This is Zack Khan at his most frank and open, as I delve into the mind of one of the most muscular human beings walking the face of this earth right now, all especially for BodyFitness, who gets there first, every time.
Giles Thomas: Zack, hope you’re good mate… but how are you feeling after last weekend?
Zack Khan: Well Giles, what can you say? To put it frankly mate, shit happens! I know I could have been a bit tighter, but so could everyone else. I just think it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when 300 people after the show all say how you got “robbed” and that makes you wonder what the judges were looking at exactly? Oh well, there’s always next year I suppose, Giles. I will never give up on my dream of becoming British champion.
Giles: What were your initial thoughts when you were announced fourth, mate?
Zack: It didn’t really register in my head until the guy gave me the fourth place trophy… [Laughs] I guess I am slow! I thought the emcee was having a joke, seriously, I was.
Giles: I’ve heard some daft rumours, as you normally do in this game, that you were penalised by the judges for jumping off the stage into the crowd during the pose down… what’s your take on that?
Zack: Well, all I can say to that is that you never, ever really know the truth. What happens on the Internet, unfortunately, is that rumours start as one thing and end up as another. I think if that really is what happened that it is quite sad and unfair, really. The pose down is for the crowd who pay to see us. I personally would do it again given the chance; I owe it to the fans.
Giles: I think it’s safe to say that you created the biggest crowd reaction all day on Sunday, both whenever you were on stage hitting poses and even more so when you were announced fourth. Why do you think they placed you where they did when, I think, you and a lot of others thought you were going to win?
Zack: I honestly don’t know why they placed me where they did. Loads of people were waiting for me after the show saying, “Zack, what have you done to upset the judges man?” [Laughs] I wish I knew, honestly. If I really deserved fourth then no problem, I’ll take it like a man. When you hear rumours it might be for other reasons then it starts to make you think possibly that it doesn’t matter what shape and size I come in, they will just never, ever give it to me.
Giles: You were unbelievably bigger than you were last year. What did you do so differently this year [2008] as compared to 2007?
Zack: I honestly didn’t do anything different this year mate, I just kept my training heavy right till the end. Diet-wise I always do what I’ve been told. I just think I am maybe too carb sensitive and I might actually not need to carb up. If you saw my photographs on the Friday two days before, you would see that I was much tighter and drier, and my glutes were shredded. As soon as I carbed up I started looking slightly smoother. I was no way that smooth as to get fourth though, I don’t think. You know what I mean Giles? You’ve seen the pics of the show. It is bodybuilding after all, it’s about muscle, condition and symmetry. They should all be taken into account when assessing a physique for judgement, not just conditioning.
Giles: Zack, let’s go back not to when you were a junior competitor, but when you first did the EFBB British Championships… it was 2000 and you came second in the Heavyweights to Gary Lister didn’t you?
Zack: Yeah, I remember seeing Gary Lister and thought, “What the hell have I got myself into?” I just wanted to get my clothes on and run home [laughs], but when I got second in my first year in the Mister’s I was just so happy. I thought my mission then was to win this show and that I belonged here on the stage with the best of the other Brits.

Giles: In 2001 you came second to Simon Cohen, and in 2002 you came third to Ricky Welling’s first and Harold Marillier in second. You didn’t compete in 2003 or 2004 though did you? Why was that?
Zack: When you come so close sometimes I just lost interest for a bit, because I had family deaths and I just wasn’t training and eating well enough. So there was no point in my doing a show half heartedly, As you know Giles, in bodybuilding it’s all or nothing, no half measures in this game, mate.
Giles: True enough, Zack. Then you came back in 2005 and you came second to Paul Delahaye. Were you starting to wonder just what it was you had to do to win the class and turn pro by now?
Zack: I just thought, “Damn, these new guys popping up taking my place… I wanna lock them up for the pre-judging” [laughs]. Nah, I just thought, “Everything happens for a reason, Zack”.
Giles: That’s a good way of looking at it, mate. Then 2006 came and it was that year you worked with Dorian, wasn’t it? You were simply enormous but, again, you were beaten, by a really rock-hard Troy Brown. What did you weigh at that year’s British as compared to 2005?
Zack: In 2006 for the British I was 19 stone and 10 pounds [276lb] and I was really big and full, but over spilled in the carb-up period. Damn, always the last few days something goes wrong for me! [Laughs].
Giles: I think 2007 was a strange British showing for you, mate… you came in lighter and smaller, but not really all that much harder. What did you think you had to do by this point to really live up to the hype that had surrounded you for years? Even more mass maybe?
Zack: I was the lightest I’d been for a long time that year. I came in 17 stone and 5 pounds [247lb] and I think that that was my worst showing. I lost my freaky size and I didn’t even look any better in the condition department either. So, after that show I just said to myself that I would go back to what I’m best known for, and then you saw 2008.
Giles: Yeah, and BOOOMMMMM… the 2008 “Monster Zack” appeared! Zack was back! This year I think you created more controversy and uproar than anyone. I don’t actually think your condition was too bad, you know. I thought you looked pretty good, I mean, aside from the fact that Darren Ball who came second, Stuart Core (third) and winner Alvin Small weren’t exactly 100% “on” and totally shredded either, were they?
Zack: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying… it should be on muscle, symmetry and condition, not all the emphasis should be on condition all the time. So when people say I could be tighter, so could have everyone else. But you know what, Giles, after this result I am more determined to come back, to beat the system and prove to all of my fans that I can bring the total package. You’re gonna see something different and even freakier next year, I promise. Zack no happy! [Mean face].
Giles: So I guess the other heavyweights in 2009 are going to face the “wrath of Khan”, eh mate? Sorry fella… I’ve been dying to slip that one in [Zack laughs]. So, what do you think you are going to do now contest-wise? I think that you really should be considered for special pro card consideration. You’ve taken top placings at the British for eight years now, I think that it is time for the UKBFF or IFBB to say, “Okay, this guy clearly has pro potential written all over him, let’s give him a chance and see what he can do in the pros”. Then, Zack, you could have at least a real opportunity of proving your worth on a pro stage. What are your thoughts on this mate?
Zack: You know Giles, if they gave me special consideration for a pro card I wouldn’t take it, as I believe you should win the overall British and then become a pro. All I ask is for is a fair judging. I am human, I have feelings and they have to realise that my dream is to become a pro and represent the whole of UK and show these Americans that we Brits can bring mass with class. I love this sport and will do anything to represent the UK to the best of my ability and that is to take on the very best in the US.
Giles: Well said, Zack. So, if the UKBFF rang you up and said that you were going to receive your pro card it would be a case of, “Sorry Bill, no ‘Khan’ do!” [Laughs] Right, I promise no more awful “Khan” jokes! Okay, regarding the pro card, bear in mind that there are two other notable top British bodybuilders that have been given special consideration in years past: Jamo Nezzar in 1999 and Hunni Glanville in 2004, who just took fifth at the Romanian Grand Prix behind current Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson. If it wasn’t for a pec tear then maybe Jamo could have proven to be truly worthy of pro status, but that clearly thwarted his plans for pro stardom. Plus, Jamo and Hunni didn’t have even half of the amount of top placings that you have taken over the eight years you have been trying for. Do you agree?
Zack: Yeah, I do agree, but I think also that I need to get the package right as an amateur before I turn pro, as it will be more expensive making mistakes abroad than making them here at home. So hopefully I’ll just see what happens.
Giles: Okay Zack, I think you should get a definite invite to the Arnold Classic in the pro qualifying amateur class, you would go down a storm over there, I think, and if you nailed it and with the right help, you would turn pro and certainly turn some heads.
Zack: Yeah, I would love to compete at the Arnold Classic in 2009. That’s the reason I started training when I was 18 years old, watching Arnold in Commando. I thought, “God damn, I want to have a body like that”, [laughs] not in a gay way mind you!
Giles: If neither of these things are made possible for you by the UKBFF, will you feel like returning next year for yet another stab at the British or is just too early to say right now?
Zack: I’m never going to give up on my dream and I will do what it takes to make it come true.
Giles: A UKBFF judge said to me yesterday that you were Britain’s best hope right now of a future Mr Olympia. What’s your reaction to this kind of comment?
Zack: I am honestly glad that there are people out there who like my physique and comments like that just want to make me train harder and come in even better the next time I compete.

Giles: Have you ever thought of pursuing your pro dream in the States? I mean moving over there and trying to get noticed by the Weider’s or seeing if you can land a big fat supplement contract with some major company like Muscletech or Met-Rx, for example, and competing over there instead?
Zack: Actually, when I get my pro card I definitely want to move over and see what I can do and see where the US market leads me. You need to be in the Mecca [Gold’s Gym, Venice, California] to get noticed and get guest posing opportunities. As for sponsorship, I was approached by Muscletech, who wrote to me saying they were interested, but just at the last minute when I was supposed to get sponsored the dialogue stopped, and I don’t know to this day what happened. I guess the guy vanished into the Bermuda triangle! Well, I just guess they changed their mind plain and simple. Well, it’s their loss, as I really would have represented their company in the best possible way here in the UK. You had your chance guys, and you blew it!
Giles: Looking at the standard of the super-heavies in America for the past couple of years I really think that you would probably have your pro card by now Zack. That’s not a criticism of the British judging, but rather a clear indication of the ultra-high standard there has been over here in the last few years. What’s your take on this?
Zack: Well Giles, I think that here in the UK the judges are looking for a certain look compared to the States. I personally don’t know what their are looking for but I think they seem to favour the smaller guys package, because they come in ripped and all the emphasis is on that and not an overall blend of symmetry, condition and proportion.
Giles: In your mind, what would ultimately be your potential fully realised, would you say?
Zack: Once I become a pro, [laughs] I will get back to you on that mate.
Giles: I see that you are now training at your own gym in Sheffield with fellow heavyweight and two-time North East UKBFF Champion Dave Titterton and super-wide light heavy Paul Jenkins. How long have you been training with these two and how has that all panned out with the three of you big buggers all training together?
Zack: Well as you know Giles, me and PJ have been friends for a while and have trained together for sometime now and make a good team. Then Dave popped into our gym in Sheffield and we got chatting and all got on well. So, next thing we knew, we were all training together and kicking each others asses in the gym. We had some crazy workouts. That’s why I need a bit of a break from the gym now to recover mentally, as well as physically, from all those punishing workouts leading up the British.
Giles: How long have you had your gym now? I imagine it’s not your “Fitness First-style” gym either is it? [Laughs]
Zack: I’ve had it for six months and it’s a “hardcore shitehole” to put it politely. I love it, I get my hands dirty and everyone there just comes to train. You won’t find no shower in my gym or bog roll, [laughs] go home and use it. You gotta be cruel to be kind! [Laughs].
Giles: Why don’t you just get some copies of the judging sheets from your class at the British for the last eight years and cut them up into “sheet sized” squares and give them out to your members if they need to go? A “sheet for a sheet”, if you will! [Laughs]. You know, Zack, since Sunday my phone has been going non-stop about you and James Llewellin. James for his incredible shredded new look and overall win of course, and you for your sheer size and presence at the British, your placing too, understandably. Some said you were the clear winner, yet some also said you deserved fourth. I’ve had two well-known show preppers call up, top UK pro Eddie Abbew and Flex Lewis, and James Llewellin’s guy Neil Hill, my mate from Wales. They called me and asked me to ask you if they could work with you to help you achieve the required condition so you can fulfil your limitless potential. Would you consider accepting either of these guys’ help maybe?
Zack: Well, Neil Hill and me have just spoken earlier today… he is a top guy and the main thing now is to get ready for 2009. Thanks for that one, Giles; I think working with Neil will produce the goods.
Giles: Sheffield seems to produce some seriously large bodybuilders, such as you, Dave and PJ, then there is Trevor Chrouch, top natural Andy Palmer and super huge British pro Pete Brown. There must be something in the water, surely?
Zack: [Laughs] Giles, you’re funny! All I can say is that there must be something in the water. I will bring some up next time I see you, you can tell me what you think.
Giles: As long as it’s not scooped out of your gym’s toilet mate, although I’m sure even that might have some anabolic properties! So then, who’s got the biggest arms in Sheffield… you, Pete or Trevor?
Zack: [Laughs] I think Pete, I have to say him or he will come looking for me saying, “Huh? Huh? I’m gonna get u, suckah!”
Giles: What do you do for a living now Zack?
Zack: I own my own gym, Ironworks in Sheffield.
Giles: Didn’t you study at University? If so, what subject and why?
Zack: Yeah, I studied at Hallam University. I did BSc Honours in applied computers, basically looking on porn sites all day! [Laughs] Ssshhhhhhhhhh!
Giles: Are you Pakistani by origin?
Zack: Yes, I’m half Pakistani and half English.
Giles: As a race, the Asians tend not to have the best overall genetic makeup for bodybuilding do they… how does it feel being very much the exception to the rule?
Zack: It’s funny, as most Asians are either fat or skinny. When they look at me they don’t even think I’m Asian until they speak to each other in their own language calling me a big fucker and I reply in the same language, “Yes, I am, thank you”, and you should see their faces just drop [Laughs] Usually a real Kodak moment!
Giles: Genetics like yours, Zack, don’t come along very often. Even when I first saw you competing at the Mansfield ten years ago [1998] in the Juniors, you were simply massive even then. Who in your family do you think you get your one-in-a-billion genetics from?
Zack: I swear, if you looked at my mum and dad you wouldn’t even believe they were my parents, they are both 5’3” and my dad has got a belly! [Laughs].
Giles: Talking of that show, the 1998 EFBB Mansfield, you walked the Juniors there but didn’t do the British finals, which I think you’d have won easily. I always wondered why you didn’t go for the EFBB British junior title that year… why not?

Zack: Well, at the time when I did the Manfield I was quite skint and didn’t have the money to do the British. It was hard for me to afford all the cost and travelling and food. At that time my family didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t understand it, so me asking my parents for money for tan, food and other expenses I would have got a clip around the ear saying, “Why you dancing around naked on stage, gay boy?!” [Laughs] Well, something like that.
Giles: I’ve heard you’re not sponsored… how is that, as I would have thought that all the major supplement brands would be fighting over you, surely?
Zack: Well, I guess they must think I am already sponsored, but at the moment I am in talks with one company and it looks promising. I will keep you updated Giles.
Giles: Your situation kind of reminds me of top IFBB pro Dennis James, in the gym and two weeks out the word gets out how you’re looking your biggest and best ever and how you’re going to walk the British, then when you get there something doesn’t quite fall into place with your condition or holding the size with the required level of sharpness. This year, there were other guys ahead of you like Alvin Small and Stuart Core who were both a bit soft in the lower body and that didn’t attract the same levels of criticism that you got for your condition. I think it’s just because you’ve been widely known to be pro material for eight years now and maybe too much is expected of you? What are your thoughts on this?
Zack: Yeah, I do get criticised more, being Zack Khan they expect better from me. I guess all I can say is that I do try my best and hopefully next year will be a different story.
Giles: What has been your motivation to keep your self-belief in this last eight years? It must be difficult to keep coming so close every year to different guys, most of whom, all things being equal, don’t even hold a candle to you? What keeps you forging ahead relentlessly?
Zack: I never give up on anything and it’s my dream to be the British champion, so I guess that and the fans keep me going. The fans are great; I love ‘em all.
Giles: Good, I’m glad, it would be a crime to bodybuilding if you didn’t keep going mate, you have all the goods necessary to be one of Britain’s best ever pros, I believe. So, what do you like to do when you’re not working at the gym or training? Eating out? Going to the cinema? Scaring small children and grannies by taking your shirt off in the street and hitting growling most muscular poses at them?
Zack: Giles, how did you guess? [Laughs]. Have you been talking to my girlfriend? Wait until I see her! Well, I like doing the usual… going out to the pictures and restaurants, spending time with friends and family. I’m a private person and don’t really have many friends, as I don’t trust people easily, but every now and again I do hit bicep shots for the grannies and kids in the street who ask me, “Are you a wrestler?” Aww, bless ‘em.
Giles: What are some of your favourite films, and what’s the best film you’ve seen recently?
Zack: My fave film is True Romance by Quentin Tarantino, and best recent movie I’ve seen is Righteous Kill, I love Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. If you haven’t seen ‘em please watch ‘em, you’re gonna love ‘em.
Giles: What kinds of music do you like.. Steps? Ricky Martin? The Cheeky Girls? Des O’ Connor?
Zack: [Laughs]. I used to like them but now I’m more of a hip-hop and R’n’B guy. I like to get my bump and grind on in the clubs in Sheffield, as I’m know as “Mr Lover Lover!” [Laughs] Honestly! Swear down! I’m not lying! Cross my heart!
Giles: Are you into cars, like a lot of top bodybuilders seem to be into? What do you drive at the moment? A mini? A bright pink Smart? A tank maybe? Monster Truck? Ahhh, yeahhh… I can see you with your Monster truck parked outside Nando’s squashing all the cars in the way: “Zack hungryyyy!”
Zack: [Laughs]. Damn, once a pro I might get a Monster truck and I’ll run over all the cop cars here. I seem to get pulled over all the time driving my BMW M3 or Audi A4. I guess it might have something to do with the tinted windows… they must think that I’m a pimp or a drug dealer or something like that.
Giles: An M3? Nice motor mate. What are your favourite foods you like to eat? Cow pie maybe? Gym members who don’t pay their memberships on time?
Zack: Well, I like a loaf of bread with one cow, and a naughty gym member who hasn’t paid with cheese, ketchup and salad and washed down with a keg of Stella. [Laughs]. No really, I like a steak with chips and salad, can’t be beaten.
Giles: Do you eat a lot of junk in the off-season?
Zack: I only eat junk once a week and that is usually Saturday when I’m out with my missus or with family. It’s good to just relax and eat what you want instead of the same foods that I have every day. Good to have a break from it and live a little you know? There is nothing wrong in moderation.
Giles: You look unbelievably strong Zack… can you give us typical examples of the kinds of poundage’s you lift in the gym?
Zack: Well, I have done 600lb bench press and 650lb squats for one rep max, so I guess I am quite strong. [Laughs].
Giles: A 600lb bench press? Holy cr#p! Have you ever worried about injuries or suffered any?
Zack: I always make sure I warm up properly and go by how I feel. If I feel good and strong I will go heavy, if not I will do more reps and pump it out. You have to listen to your body and work with it and not against it.
Giles: Tell me about your diet Zack… can you outline what kind of eating plan you follow in the off-season? Are you strict all year round or do you eat anything and everything at this time?
Zack: I follow a high protein and high carb diet, with low fats. I eat four meals a day and have two protein shakes.
Giles: Is that all you eat? “Khan” cook, won’t cook, eh? (Laughs) Sorry, couldn’t resist, no more I swear! Even I eat more than four solid meals a day and I weigh probably as much as one of your arms! Or do you maybe go to the nearest field of cows and put salt and pepper on one of ‘em and swallow it whole like one of those big jungle snakes that eats it’s prey in one big gulp? Hmmm… Anyway, do you supplement your diet heavily and if so, what products do you believe the most in when gaining size or losing body fat?
Zack: I usually use a good whey protein and carb powder with glutamine and creatine mix. I usually use All Stars Products, they seem to work good for me.
Giles: What about these new buzz products that everyone in the know seems to use nowadays, like Udo’s oil, ***** and Egg Nation liquid egg whites?
Zack: Udo’s oil is very good as a pre-contest supplement, as it helps promote fat loss as well as keeping your energy levels high on a low carb diet. ***** is good for after training as it replenishes your glycogen levels. But a few bananas will do the same thing, I believe, and as for Egg Nation, that is just egg whites without the yolk. They’ve all got their place but it all matters on your budget really. If you can afford them, it’s all good, but if you cannot just do the alternative.
Giles: What do you weigh in the off-season and have you any idea of your measurements? I’ve heard your chest measurement is over 60 inches!?
Zack: I usually go to 310lb [22 stone and 2 pounds!] off-season; my arms measure 24 inches and my chest 61 inches, so I guess I am a big boy.
Giles: That is truly mind-boggling Zack. How on earth do you get clothes to fit?
Zack: Yeah, it can be hard getting clothes to buy, but on the Internet I usually order clothes from hip-hop shops, they seem to fit me right due to the clothes being oversized for normal people.
Giles: What kinds of reactions do you get in daily life? Positive on the whole, would you say, or do people just stare in disbelief?
Zack: I usually get stared at a lot; people think, “What the hell is that?” [Laughs]. Or probably thinking, “I hope he doesn’t eat me!”
Giles: I know what you’re saying mate, I get the same reaction from women wherever I go! What sort of advice would you say to someone like myself who has been training for years and wants to compete again next year bigger and better?
Zack: All I can say is never give up, always be consistent with your food and training, and believe me you will get there. Never let anyone put you down and go for what you believe in.
Giles: That’s sound advice mate, thanks. You’ve been likened internationally to pro legend Paul Dillett. I’m good friends with Paul and have emailed him photos of you… you know, he was so impressed when he saw you and even he said that your physique was similar to his when he was in his prime between 1994-1999. He was said to be a potential Mr Olympia Zack, and his nickname was “King Paul”. What do you think… I think “King Zack” has a nice ring to it, don’t you?
Zack: [Laughs]. More like “King Khan” instead of “Kong”, eh mate?
Giles: Dammit, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one… it’s so obvious! Do you ever get called “Burger King Khan” in the off-season? [Both laugh]. No? Oh, okay! All the top guys now in bodybuilding seem to have a nickname that they either make up or is given to them by writers such as myself… have you ever had any names given to you or, more importantly, what would you like to be called?
Zack: I’ve been called “Zack the Freak”, so I guess it not a bad thing being called a freak in bodybuilding terms, I suppose it means you’ve got the x-factor.
Giles: Self-promotion is the name of the game nowadays… have you not considered doing your own ultra-hardcore training DVD anytime? I was surprised you never did one with Dorian when he was helping you get ready for the British. IFBB pro Mark Dugdale did one with Dorian all filmed in Temple Gym and he’s selling tons of them, apparently.
Zack: I’ve always wanted to do one but have never gotten the chance, so I guess if there is anyone out there wanting to film me for the 2009 contest prep just email me and we can sort something out.
Giles: I think I could help you get that sorted Zack, leave that one with me… the ideas are already flowing! When working with Dorian, what kind of most valuable things did he teach you? Your back really improved, I thought, when you were with Doz, which isn’t too hard to understand why really!
Zack: The most valuable thing I learnt from Dorian was form, and how I thought I was training right all those years… in fact I wasn’t, and was bringing other muscle groups into play when I was lifting.
Giles: I’ve been posting photographs and information on you on some American Internet forums and in two days your thread received over 4000 hits! Those forums can tend to be harshly critical a lot of the time and pretty negative usually to most bodybuilders, but they love you on there, mate, as you saw. You even got a very positive response from industry names like Shawn Ray, John Romano, Ron Harris and Lee Priest. How did it feel to get feedback from industry names like these, as well as all the US fans going crazy for you on there?
Zack: It all seems surreal, I just think, “Whaaat?” Shawn, John, Ron and Lee, man, these guys are legends on MD. It’s just that I never got this type of feedback before, and it’s all thanks to you, Giles. I really appreciate you being so passionate about bodybuilding.
Giles: Hey, that’s no problem mate, I’m happy to help. Regarding the Olympia just gone, what was your opinion on who deserved to win?
Zack: I thought Phil Heath should have won, because he brought in the best package and looked awesome. No disrespect intended to Dexter, of course, but when you look at Phil, he just has that “wow” factor.
Giles: Who do you think will be next in line for the Olympia title and when?
Zack: I hope it will be Phil, I think he would be great for the sport and he seems like a nice guy too.
Giles: Are you married yet Zack? Any little “Zack Juniors” running about Sheffield eating large dogs and sheep maybe?
Zack: Not married yet, no, but I’ve got a girlfriend called Rebecca and she supports me 100% in this bodybuilding dream and she wants me to get even bigger, believe it or not? [Laughs]. “Okay, honey”, I tell her. We don’t have any kids yet, but we have a Pug called Elvis and he is enough to keep our hands full!
Giles: And a good source of protein if you ever run out mate? Just stick him on the George Foreman if you get peckish! Umm, that wasn’t a proposal by the way Zack, [laughs] err, you’re just not my type, sorry old chap! Hey, this has been brilliant, thank you so much for giving us all this incredible insight, I’m sure your many fans will love reading it all. I think this DVD we do is going to turn out to be something pretty special too, I can’t wait to get cracking on that one. Finally, is there anybody you’d like to thank?
Zack: Yes, I’d like to thank my family, my girl friend Rebecca for putting up with me, my training partners PJ from website and Dave Titterton, who is one strong mofo! Also Nas from TMC Derby Food Supplies… this guy has been there from the start for me and I owe him a lot; Simon Fan from Temple Gym Birmingham, a good friend and has treated me like a brother. And not to forget you, Giles, for setting up this interview, me old cocker! [Laughs]. Don’t forget that our Nando’s challenge is on, I can see it in big red lights, “Zack Vs Giles” for the main event at Nando’s… all you can eat, loser pays all! Coming to you on Sky Sports reject channel! [Laughs]. If I have forgotten to thank or mention anyone, I apologise.
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Zack: I swear, if you looked at my mum and dad you wouldn’t even believe they were my parents, they are both 5’3” and my dad has got a belly! [Laughs].
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